Elliott Smith Woodcut Prints

Received an email (a while back) from woodcutter Loren stating the following:

"I’m a woodcut artist living in Los Angeles.

I recently carved an original woodcut print inspired by Elliott Smith.
I thought you might be interested.  Here is a link to my blog:

http://woodcuttingfool.blogspot.com/2013/12/elliott-smith.html ”
If you’re interested in buying his prints, contact Loren through the link.
Elliott’s family has approved the release of “No Confidence Man” at https://usemusic.org as a benefit for Outside/In. Also up is Pete Kreb’s “Shy Town” side. Elliott and Pete recorded these two songs together in 1994 at Quasi’s former home. I remixed these recently from excellent transfers of the original 1/4-inch, 8-track master tapes, so the audio is quite a bit better than old transfers pulled off vinyl. Support good causes and enjoy a couple of great songs. -Larry Crane

Hey friends,

I moderate the ES subreddit over at http://www.reddit.com/r/elliottsmith/ It’s fairly active, with 729 subscribers at the moment.

I already recognize some old addy names over there, and I’d love to to have some more familiar voices contributing ideas and media.

Having both the forum and reddit page will be a good dynamic, I think- the forum is more private and more of a community, while the reddit is more likely to show up for other people and can raise awareness and appreciation.

I know we’ve long been working with a finite amount of information and dwindling news and releases, but there’s so much left to talk about.


Heatmiser co-founder and all around good guy Neil Gust has re-surfaced on Soundcloud with some new tunes. Hat tip to paintedanderased on the forums for discovering this, you can discuss these here.

For the rest of the songs (there are 2 others), go here:


Fundraiser for Maya Embry

Aaron Embry used to be in the Figure 8 touring band with Elliott, and you can hear him on “Pretty (Ugly Before)” on keyboard. He has gone on to become a great songwriter in his own right.

Unfortunately, his daughter Mayla was recently diagnosed with leukemia. One of our posters, Fingers dripping ink, has taken the initiative to organize a fundraiser for her. Check it out:

Elliott Smith - 4/20/2013 - Alternate Versions from Either/Or 7” Vinyl Release

(Hat tip to hoz from our forums for alerting me to this one).

Some of you may remember the KRS digital releases that came out late in 2012, featuring alternate Either/Or era music from Elliott. Well, as part of the Record Store Day promotion, KRS has graciously decided to put these on vinyl and offer them for sale. No details on price yet, but obviously if you’re getting this, then who cares???


Part of me would really like a different cover, and maybe some unique bonus material, but I guess I’ll just be glad with whatever they put out. Noted that the “trumpet” version of Needle in the Hay is not featured. I guess we stick with the digital version or the Cash Records Sampler version.

Forums Redesigned

Hi there,

Long time! Just as an FYI/FWIW, the forums have been redesigned. We are serving as a home (hopefully temporary, but it’s not looking good) for SweetAddy/Blamonet users at the moment and I figured it’s time to give the forum the proper attention it deserves. I’ll be rolling out some more updates soon. Keep posted to the site for more fun!

Recent Updates to the site

Hi everyone. Just a brief update to let you know that the site is coming along slowly but surely. We are still hoping to have everything ready for an October 21 launch. Recently I’ve been adding some TV sessions into our Sessions History section as well which I hadn’t added before. Otherwise we are working hard to get all the songs loaded into our song guide and get all the Sessions History looking nice and clean.

The curious case of 619andyp on eBay

I want to make this post to warn Elliott fans about 619andyp.

This guy is on ebay and has been buying rare Elliott items on ebay from other users and has then inflated their prices by ridiculous amounts and tossed them up for sale by himself.

Case in point is “No Confidence Man.”  I bought this for 50 dollars several years ago. The most recent auction that I’ve tracked had this sold for just 30 dollars. Only about 500 of these babies were ever for sale.

The one time he grabbed one, he jacked up the price by 50%


Currently, there is a “Ballad of big Nothing” out there for just 40 bucks. He has one on his auction site for 200 bucks.

My most favorite one, however, is the Elliott autograph setlist that he keeps listing for like 9900 dollars. I’ll let our poster Hummingbird tell the story:


Bottom line - please don’t contribute to this artificial inflation of Elliott’s stuff when it’s resold and avoid buying from him. KRS re-releasing their Elliott vinyl has probably sent him over the edge with excitement just thinking about how he can now jack up the prices on the 1st press of all those releases.